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He Changed His Mind

A prudent man was Silas Fry
He said, "The premium's too dern high,
Besides, with Care my car is driv',
I'll not insure the danged old fliv."

A few months later Si came down,
And went to the agent in the town.
He shifted his feet and scratched his head,
"I want insurance," he finally said.

The agent said, "Why cetainly Si,
But I thought insurance you'd never buy"
Si answered, "Wal I learned today
That the premium aint too much ter pay."

The story finally got around,
It seems that Si for home was bound
When he lost control and couldn't stop,
And crashed right into the barber shop.

The window naturally caved right in
And cut off half of the barber's chin
The barber sued; Si had to pay.
He mortgaged the farm, the pigs and the hay.

He mortgaged his chickens, his cow and his wife
He'll probably pay for the rest of his life.
And though the side walk his flivver did vault
Si still maintains "It warn't my fault."

- Frank Tibbetts